Our Story

Anne Sara Bien-Aime, owner of Dancing Harmony started dancing at the age of 5 at Progressive Center for Dance in Philadelphia, PA. She took a variety of classes consisting of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, African, Modern, Pointe, Praise and Hip-Hop; while being a teacher's dancing assistant. She continued her studies of dance at Koresh School of Dance in Philadelphia as well. Her experiences at both dance schools and membership with Grace Dance Company led her to dancing all over the city of Philadelphia and Reading for family, friends, churches, popular events and other dance schools. Years later, Albright College Dance Team brought her to her final years of dancing.

Ever since she was a young child she used dancing as a way to express herself and embrace her colorism. Dancing made her come out of her shell. Her dream was to always involve dance in her future. That is why she started Dancing Harmony!

"Throughout my years of dancing, I had to find ways to make dance clothing and items to match the complexion of my skin so that I can look uniformed, unified and color coordinated while performing. It has always been hard for me to find products of such, due to the lack of resources-- specifically for melenaited dancers like myself. All I could do was use my foundation to color my shoes and try my hardest to find clothes similar to my complexion. As this became the usual for me, I saw this as an opportunity to empower ALL dancers—make products for dancers of ALL complexions and sizes!"


As time went on, the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 gave us a push to start her vision. We all did not want dancers to feel discouraged, depressed or alone without dance. Through the lock downs, riots, looting, protests, and job loss, we continued to make a way for the dancers!

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"Many dance companies and manufacturers have already started this mission, this goal, this vision of mine, but I believe as a dancer myself, I able to connect with all dancers on a more personal level!"

"Dancing Harmony will be a platform to showcase dancers of every skin tone and every size in a personal, intimate and enthusiastic way!"


"Dance, Dance, Dance until you can’t dance your way into Dancing Harmony anymore!"