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Becoming a better dancer


When trying to improve flexbility balance and staying injury-free, dancers have to stretch every part of their body.

-Hip flexors and quadriceps should be stretched by kneeling in deep lunges.

-Calves and ankles are most worked on when pushing against something in a lunge position or rolling the feet in cirlce rotations.

-Heels and feet are stretched by flexing and pointing or in releves

(rising to the ball of the feet in 5th position).

-In slow motion, the head should move in a circle rotation with keeping the neck still.

-Shoulders and arm should work together rolling them back and forth.

Body Alignement

When dancing or holding a pose, dancers have to hold themselves correctly.

-Feet and arms should be parallel, placed in either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th position or even in a choreographed move.

-Torso and shoulders should be relaxed and pulled back.

- Chin should be lifted and neck elongated.

Leaps and Jumps

When springing off the ground, one has to understand their own measure to take from the ground to the air.

-Push off both feet from a bending position called Plié to land back into it.

-Keep legs straight or bent in the air as hips are leveled and bottoms are tucked.

-Point feet once lifted off the ground.

-Have shoulders stay in line with hips to give arms a strong from of energy.

- Keep eyes and chin up when leaping or jumping.

Turn Techniques

When turning, the body needs to execute properly all at once.

-One has to find a focus point to turn to at each time.

-Go into a prep position finding an equal amount of weight distributed between both legs.

-Arms have to be placed in the center of your body.

-Legs have to be tightly straightened together while on the ball of your feet.


This is the most important attribute to a sucessful dancer and their performances.

-Put in the work don't giveup

-Remember your purpose

-Allow yourself to take risk

-Play your part




Owner, Anne Sara Bien-Aime

"Dancing is a learning process. After one skill is mastered, you as a dancer will be even more ready to take on the next one. All it takes is practice, repetition and confidence!"

Khlyeisha Woodson

"Understand that dance is not just about physicality; but about your own mentality too. If you think you look bad, then you will. If you have positive thoughts on your own dancing, then you will kill it."

Aysha Ray

"Dance to your own beat. Every dancer is unique; that is what matters!"

Thamar Suzin

"Dance is beautiful. It is a way of expressing your inner emotions."

Siyeda Daniels

"Guidance is steered by you. You have to put in the work in order to suceed."